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Orthodox books, music, icons, gifts and jewelry from most of the leading Orthodox publishers and manufacturers and many others including hard to reach and more obscure Orthodox publishers.

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Order orthodox icons, books, DVDs, neck crosses, incense, prayer ropes and other devotional items. Our parish receives a rebate on every order when you shop from the link above.

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These ten points are only an outline on how to find union with God. However, if you follow them you will be led to everything you need to know.

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A gallery of inspirational photos and thoughts, updated daily, to add one more drop to your spiritual reserve.


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Practical helps for miscarriage from an Orthodox Christian perspective

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A comprehensive list of core teachings about Orthodoxy, based on ‘The Mystery of Faith’ by Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev.

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A Conversation with Fr. Joseph Huneycutt

Ancient Faith Radio Recording - Part 1
Ancient Faith Radio Recording - Part 2

Fr. Joseph Huneycutt, priest at St. Joseph Antiochian Church in Houston Texas, spoke at Christ the Savior Orthodox Church in Chicago.  His topic was the relevancy of the Orthodox Faith in society today.  In Part 2 of his talk Fr. Joseph asked those who gathered for this event to ponder the depth, mystery, and consistency of a faith that is even more relevant today, especially in this county where the ideas of values, morals, and love for one another are lost. 

Fr. Joseph is a regular contributor to Ancient Faith Radio, Parts 1 and 2 of this talk at Christ the Savior are posted on Ancient Faith Radio. There was so much richness in Fr. Joseph's message, everyone who attended will want to listen again, and we encourage others to listen as well. His message and the conversation are relevant to all those who currently embrace the Orthodox Faith, as well as those who might be searching for a faith that is relevant and meaningful today, as it has been since the time of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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