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Baptism of Ella Grace Kinkaid - 02/14/09

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Churching of Matushka Jessica - 02/07/09

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Chrismation of Leo Wolf - 01/03/09

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Preparation for Patronal Feast Day - 08/09/08

In preparation for the parish Patronal Feast Day several helped to spruce up the courtyard and church.

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Members of the Parish Help Prepare for Patronal Feastday

On August 6-8, thirteen of the faithful from our parish took a pilgrimage to Holy Dormition Monastery in Rives Junction Michigan to help the nuns prepare for their Patronal Feast Day and Annual Pilgrimage. 

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A Night of Firsts - 07/29/08

On Tuesday, July 29th, several of the men from the parish attended the first ever AAA Minor League game held at Wrigley Field. The outing was the first Men's Group outing of the parish.  While the game was called in the ninth inning do rain, all involved had a great time watching the Peoria Chiefs take on the Kane County Cougars.

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Baptism of David WIlson and Julie Baron - 06/14/08

On the Eve of the Feast of Pentecost, David Wilson and Julie Baron were received into the Body of Christ thrrough the Holy Mysteries of Baptism and Chrismation.

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Baptism of Ethan Antony Baker - 05/31/08

On May 31st, 2008 Ethan Antony Baker, the fifth child of Priest John and Matushka Stephanie Baker was baptized at our parish. The sacrament was administered by the Protopresbyter John Rallis, of St. John the Baptist Church in Des Plaines, Illinois. Godparents were Priest John and Matushka Ann Marie Wehling from St. Matthew Church in Green Bay Wisconson.

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Baptism of Eli John Panga - 05/18/08

On the day after the consecration of our temple, Eli John Panga, child of Praneet and Christine was recived into the body of Christ prior to the Divine Liturgy.

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Consecration & Divine Liturgy - 05/17/08

On Saturday, May 17th, Archbishop Job consecrated our temple and newly constructed holy table with 27 serving clergy with nearly 200 people in attendance, it was truly a day to be grateful for. Responses for both services as well as Vespers the evening before were sung by St. Tikhon's Seminary Mission Choir. A celebratory banquet followed only blocks away from the church at Maggiano's Banquet Hall.

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Eve of Consecration Vespers - 05/16/08

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Pascha 2008

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Holy Week

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Palm Sunday - 04/20/08

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Churching of Matushka Stephanie - 04/12/08

Fr. John read the Churching Prayers and welcomed back Matushka Stephanie with their new son Ethan after the completion of the 40 days.

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Prayer Rope Workshop - 04/05/08

On Saturday, April 5, faithful from several parishes gathered at Christ the Savior Church for Christian fellowship. The afternoon began with Fr. John giving a brief talk on the Jesus Prayer. Following the talk, everyone gathered next door for lunch and then were taught by Kathryn Saclarides how to make the prayer rope.

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Sunday of Orthodoxy 2008 - 03/16/08

On the first Sunday of Great Lent, faithful from Christ the Savior Parish gathered at the end of the Divine Liturgy for a procession, led by the children of our parish, comemorating the restoration of the Holy Icons.

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Nativity Play - 01/01/08

Christ the Savior Parish had its first Nativity Play this year as the story of the birth of the Savior was acted out by the children of the parish.

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Baptism of David Durham - 12/15/07

On December 15th, David Durham who was received into the Body of Christ. Many Years to David, his wife Andra, and their son Edward!

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Agency Blessing - 08/31/09

Fr. John was asked by a parishioner to bless their place of work,  a social agency that treats troubled youth.

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New Iconography - 08/02/09

Father Theodore Jurewicz returned in August 2009 to continue the adornment of our temple with his iconography . It is our hope to complete the entire project by the Feast of Our Lord's Nativity 2012. God willing, Fr. Theodore will return during Bright Week of 2010 to complete the Sanctuary, which is the first of three phases of the plan. If you are interested in making an offering to help complete this project, please contact Fr. John.

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Pacific Garden Mission

Committed to helping those who are in need, the faithful of our parish held a clothing drive during the month of September for Pacific Garden Mission, a local homeless shelter. We were able to collect nearly a whole van full of clothes. This is the second clothing drive for Pacific Garden Mission this year. Thank your for your concern for those who are in need!

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Neighborhood Block Party - 08/30/09

On Sunday, August 30th, Fr. John's family, along with Lay Council Chairman Thomas Panoff, hosted the neighborhood block party on the property of the Diocesan Center. This was the second year in a row that the neighborhood association asked that the block party be held on our site. We are grateful to our neighbors who make our parish a focal point of the community.

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Workday and Cookout 09-19-09 - 09/19/09

On Saturday, September 20th, we held our third workday of the year. It was very well attended and much was accomplished both in the temple and outside. After finishing the work, Great Vespers was served and a cookout and fellowship followed. Thanks to everyone who participated and made the day so enjoyable.  

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New Photos

Chrismation of Meg Haak - 09/20/09

On Sunday, September 20, prior to the Divine Liturgy, Meg Haak was received into the Church through the mystery of Chrismation taking as her patron saint St. Mary Magdalene. May God grant her many years! 

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New Photos

Churching of Jennifer Turner - 01/03/10

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Baptism of Tabitha Wilson - 01/31/10

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Baptism of Sebastian Gansca

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New Photos

Sunday of Orthodoxy - 02/21/10

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Allison Stanhope and Joe Manica Wedding

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New Photos

Baptism of Matthew Kremers - 05/15/09

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An Afternoon of Conversation with Fr. Joseph Huneycutt - 10/23/10

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Akathist Hymn with the Kursk-Root Icon - 12/01/10

Christ the Savior was blessed with the presence of the miracle-working Kursk-Root icon of the Mother of God "Of the Sign."  The akathist hymn to the icon was presided over by His Beatitude Metropolitan JONAH and His Grace Bishop PETER.

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Enrollment of the Kenerk family as catechumens - 03/20/11

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Alvarez family Chrismation

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Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, Clergy Awards - 05/22/11

Bishop Matthias made his first official pastoral visit to Christ the Savior and presented Father John the gold cross that he had been awarded by the Holy Synod at their spring meeting. Nicholas Labun and Alexander Baker were also blessed to wear the orarion by Bishop Matthias 

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The Consecration of Bishop Matthias - 04/30/11

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The Consecration of Bishop Matthias II
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Pascha - 04/24/11

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Vacation Church School

In August we held our first Vacation Church School program for three days, Wednesday-Friday. Thirty-five children ages 2-12 from Christ the Savior, St. George, and Holy Trinity participated with children 13 and older helping with the program. The program concluded on Saturday with a Parish Family Retreat Day at the St. Iakovos Retreat
Center outside of Kenosha Wisconsin.

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First Annual Parish Retreat Day - 08/13/11

On Saturday, August 13th, many of the faithful from Christ the Savior church traveled north to spend the day at the St. Iakovos Retreat Center outside of Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.  Everyone enjoyed the petting zoo, hayrides, train rides, an intense game of kickball. Vespers was served in the late afternoon at the chapel on the premises followed by a cookout.

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Kennerk Family Baptism & Chrismation - 10/01/11

Chrismation of Rowley John and Michelle Kennerk and the baptism of their daughter Inez.

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Children's Nativity Play

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Ladies Event: Christmas Cookies

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Ladies Event: Indian Cooking

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Church School Iconography

The junior high and high school students participate in painting an icon of Christ the Logos Emmanuel as they learn about the steps of the egg tempera technique and the theology of the icon.

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Sunday of Orthodoxy

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Holy Friday - 04/13/12

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Pascha 2012 - 04/15/12

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St. Iakovos Retreat Weekend

Over the weekend of July 21-22, nearly 50 persons from Christ the Savior made the trek to Wisconsin to gather for two days of fun and camping at the 2nd Annual Parish Family Retreat at the St. Iakovos Retreat Center in Wisconsin .  The day began with a wonderful lunch, followed by swimming, fishing, hay and train rides, and games, concluding the day with Vespers followed by dinner. The Divine Liturgy was served on Sunday morning at the retreat center chapel. 

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2012 Vacation Church School

On August 7-10 thirty five children from Christ the Savior, Holy Trinity, St. George and All-Saints parishes gathered at Christ the Savior Church and the Diocese of the Midwest Chancery for the 2nd Annual Vacation Church School.  The theme for the week was the Feasts of Christ.  The children also raised $193 for the Hogar Rafael Ayau Orphanage in Guatemala City.  The amount raised was matched by a generous donor.  Books of the Feasts in Spanish will be purchased and sent to the the children of the Hogar. Thank you to everyone who participated!  VCS will be held in 2013 again during the Dormition Fast. 

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Folk Dance Class - 10/25/12

Natalija Popovic lead a class in traditional folk dances often enjoyed at Orthodox wedding receptions and other gatherings.

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Baptism of Victoria Gansca

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Baptism of Salome Bocanegra

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Project Mexico Fundraiser

Saturday, May 18th the courtyard was transformed into a Mexican Taqueria.  Homemade taqueria-style carne asada and spicy chicken tacos were made using recipes from the kitchen of St Innocent orphanage located in Tijuana to raise funds to help send missionaries from our parish to Project Mexico this July.

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Patronal Feast

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Vacation Church School

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Churching of Christy Panoff

On Sunday, August 18 Christy Panoff was welcomed back with prayers for her and her new daughter Elizabeth Panoff. Congratulations to Tom and Christy!

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Baptism of Elizabeth Panoff

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Baptism of Victoria Antyufeeva

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Baptism of Miriam Biyashev - 10/05/13

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Baptism of Anne Bender

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