We hope that through this website you will become better acquainted with our parish.  Whether you are curious about our community, would like to learn more about Orthodox Christianity, or are searching to find a spiritual home, you are always welcome to join us at Christ the Savior Parish.

This Week
Monday, August 15th
6:30am Divine Liturgy
6:30pm Vigil
Tuesday, August 16th
Temple Feast of the Holy Mandylion
6:30am Divine Liturgy
Wednesday, August 17th
5:30pm Confessions
6:30pm Daily Vespers
Thursday, August 18th
6:30am Hours & Typica

The Divine Liturgy

The Divine Liturgy is broadcast from Christ the Savior every Sunday on Ancient Faith Radio Talk, starting at 9:30am Central Time.

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Father Jonathan Lincoln, Rector | jcalincoln@gmail.com